Old Town Alexandria

We're a bit biased but.... we've got the best installation team EVER!  

An existing client who we've worked with for over 15 years asked us to secure a property they own.  The wooden gates swung out and needed some TLC. Love to the rescue by renegotiating the swing as well to install an automatic gate operating system.  Walaa... Nathan & Thomas worked their magic in the most expeditious way and finished in record time!  Thanks to all!


A combat disabled veteran, retired naval officer (EOD), and his lovely wife

have stepped forward as leaders  in  providing our wounded veterans and their families a safe place to alight.  A beautiful small community nestled within the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains is a sanctuary for recovery and healing.  Aurora has been privileged to design and install their entry gate.  Hopeful that those that have served are reminded that they are the largest part of our whole and are so appreciated upon their entry into this loving, healing retreat.



What a fun gate to design and fabricate!  Different, fitting for the site, and definitely a client willing to express their individuality!

Upcoming... Happy Customers



Poague...  A new family seeking our assistance e with gate design and automatic gate control....  We are so happy to help them through their gate process and humbled at this opportunity!



Nathan is out on vacation (well deserved time off) and the remainder of our crew will utilize this slower time (hopefully) for catch up on Preventive Maintenance services and tend to last minute service calls....


We will be tending to catch  up on scheduled Preventive Maintenance services for clients and service calls...




Hahn...  the owner of a large, historic farm.  We have maintained their gate system for many years.  As life changes occur often times we address client's needs, they do change, and implement those changes to make the client's life easier, safer, more secure. 


“Through-out the industry, I called several installers. The commercial ones recommended your company. Your company had  great recommendations from customers who you had  installed for.” -N. 

“Brad and Amber are very easy going and approachable. You can tell that Brad and the crew take pride in their work. I like the fact that Brad and Amber make this as painless as possible. I can also say that I am satisfied with the way Aurora went the extra mile to help us with our electrical connections…..Thanks for everything guys and gals. We will definitely recommend you without hesitation.” - D. Navarrete, Purcellville, VA 

"A major strength for Aurora is they provide turnkey services for gates and provide it well. For example they do the design and construction of the concrete work, electrical connections, gate infrastructure and software implementation for the gates and residents.  Their staff, not sub-contractors, provides the ongoing repair and other support of the gates and their systems. The company is large enough to provide turnkey support yet small enough where it is easy to get a manager and decision maker on the phone to work through issues."  -CM, Ashburn. VA

"Top Notch. only regret is all folks I work with aren't like Aurora! Amber was professional/knowledgable and extremely kind.  Nate knows his business... was a gem and very helpful!  

-MG, ArlingtonVA

Amber – recently Ross Adkins at Gruver Cooley sent out an email to the Custom Builder Group asking for recommendations for a gate company.  You should know that the three responses were all Aurora!!!!   Bob Osman, Matt Garcia and me. -Quaker Custom Homes