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ABOUT Aurora


Inc. (ASI)

Welcome to our site.  Thanks for the visit!  

In appreciation of your time, here's our quick story...  what we offer to our gate family, and our promise of honesty, and reliability.

We birthed Aurora in 1995, because a business in know contractor in the DMV area relinquished their accounts due to legal issues. 

Brad and Amber Isham purchased the accounts of existing gate clients, hit the ground running and offered clients an honest assessments with a professional path forward.  

We haven't looked back, and continue to welcome new family members into our gate family, and hope that they always feel included!

ASI is a small business with a heart that flows through our team members to our clients! We do our very best to be mindful, caring, and with philosophies we know make a difference in life today.

We focus on the personal aspect of our business rather than technology. In a society that is high tech and low touch we choose to make a difference by paying close attention to who you are!  Yes, we are technologically advanced, with system and components, but we want to i treat people well first.

It is our intent to draw like minded people to us! We desire a meaningful relationship with someone, taking the time to speak with you, and treating you as a caring human rather that a means to an end, is most important.  

Communication is critical to us.  And next ..... who we are....



Carol Smith

Adminstrative Assistant


Pet Support

James & Marshall Hawkins


Supervisor/Service Technician




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