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Automatic Gate System Users Manual

It is because of you, your trust, and belief that Aurora would provide you with a quality system and offer up of best work dedication to a great final product that we find ourselves at this page. 

Thank you so very much for every thing.  Brad and I are full of gratitude and appreciation for you! 


Brad and I truly are grateful for the opportunity you have given us, to earn your trust, and to provide our services for you.  


It is an incredible honor that you have extended to Aurora Services, Inc.  We realize this and understand that you always have choices.  I am hopeful that we have proven ourselves to you with our dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism.  If we have let you down in any way please let me hear from you.  Open dialogue and honesty are our only means of gauging our success and our shortcomings.  Honesty is the greatest chance for change!  Please, do not hesitate to share your opinion, experiences and compliments with us!


With that said, we too love your sharing your experience with Aurora Services with you friends, business fellows and family members.  Our growth has always been through positive word of mouth!  Please feel free to share news about us with and any and all!


Celebrate the journey,


Brad & Amber Isham

Our Warranty

Limited One Year Warrant



    This warranty applies to installation of component(s) and/or the installation of automatic gate control systems installed by Aurora Services, Inc. solely.


           Aurora Services, Inc. will warranty its labor and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of sale and/or installation. Should other vendors/contractors  utilize or make their termination points within the main junction box provided and installed by Aurora Services, Inc.  all expressed or implied warranties provided by Aurora Services, Inc. are null and void.


           Aurora Services, Inc. shall consider this warranty void should the product be tampered with or serviced by any other individual or company other than Aurora Services, Inc.


           Aurora Services, Inc. shall consider this warranty invalid should the automatic gate control component(s) bear damage due to misuse of equipment, vandalism, lightning, wind, snow, freezing, negligence or any other acts of God.


           Aurora Services, Inc. will act on the behalf of each system components’ manufacturer in order to facilitate the Limited Warranty as provided by each components’ manufacturer. Each component will carry the designated Limit warranty as expressed by each component manufacturer. All expressed warranties provide for replacement/repair coverage. Warranties state that each component will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and services for which it is intended provided it has been properly installed and operated. Manufacturer warranties shall not apply to products or any part thereof which have been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse or if damage was due to improper installation or use of improper power source, or if damaged was caused by fire, flood, lightning, electrical power surge, explosion, wind storm, hail, aircraft or vehicles, vandalism, riot or civil commotion or acts of God. Those component warranties are available within the Aurora Services’ provided binder given at the completion of each installation. 


This warranty is in lieu of all other labor warranties, expressed or implied.

Users Notice


The following precautions are an integral and essential part of the product and must be supplied to the user.  Read them carefully as they contain important indications for the safe installation, use and maintenance.

  • This instruction must be kept and forwarded to all possible future users of the system.

  • This product must not be used only for that which it has been expressly designed.

  • Any other use is to be considered improper and therefore dangerous.

  • The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for possible damage caused by improper, erroneous or unreasonable use.

  • Avoid operating in the proximity of the hinges or moving mechanical parts.

  • Do not enter the path of the moving gate while in motion.

  • Do no obstruct the motion of the gate as this may cause a situation of danger.

  • Do not allow children to play or stay within the path of the moving gate.

  • Keep remote controls or any other control devices out of the reach of children in order to avoid possible involuntary activation of the gate operator or entrapment.

  • In case of break down or malfunctioning of the product, disconnect from the main power source. Do not attempt to repair or intervene directly, contact only qualified personnel for repair.

  • Failure to comply with the above may create a situation of danger.

  • All cleaning, maintenance or repair work must be carried out by qualified personnel.

  • In order to guarantee that the system work efficiently and correctly it is important to have the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance of the gate and operator carried out by qualified personnel.

  • In particular, regular checks are recommended in order to verify that the safety devices are operating properly.


All installation, maintenance and repair work must be documented and can be available to the user.

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