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Emergency Action Plan

It is IMPORTANT to pay attention and remember the rebooting instructions taught to you at the training and turnover of your gate system.  The manual release of your gate operators and rebooting the system in the event of any difficulties with your system is always your first line of defense.  We will always instruct you to reboot your gate system.      

On the following sub-pages please find the gate actuator that looks like yours.  Detailed within the main page for your manufacturer please find instructions on how to REBOOT the gate system.  On the Reboot page locate the picture of your operator model, click on the Model Number and you will be routed to a manual release instruction page providing detailed instructions on how to manually release the gate actuators to open or close the gates manually.  Remember if you open the gate please lock them into the open position or vice versa so that they don't swing in the breeze and strike a vehicle.  Super important.

If rebooting your gate system doesn't resolve your difficulties please call the office at 540.216.7444 to schedule a service call.  If we are closed please leave a detailed message.

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