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Our Process

We start by listening to your needs and asking questions to define them. We also educate you on gate system equipment and adhere to safety guidelines while designing your gate system. Our standard systems include the gate, gate actuators, access control, gate safety equipment, free exit device, and means of entry for fire and rescue services. Depending on your needs we will listen, clarify, and make a plan to move forward.


Have you checked out the "Upcoming... Happy Customers" section on our Home page? To schedule your installation, we require a signed proposal and 50% deposit.

Once we receive that, we'll begin opening your client account, preparing our checklist, and setting up the fabrication and installation schedule.

During the waiting period, you'll need to provide power and access control programming information to  us. The installation typically takes 4 days, and we ask that you be present on the first scheduled morning to help our install crew site equipment location. On the final day, the crew will demonstrate how to use the gate system, troubleshooting, adn all the tricks to reboot and manual release the actuators is you need (I'd suggest videoing the trainng for future review), and provide you with a turn over package.

For specific instructions on how to reboot your equipment and manually release the gate operators, please see the "Client Portal" sand our "Video" sections on our website.

The Mechanics

This diagram illustrates the devices that are necessary for the installation of automatic gate system and to be in compliance with UL325 safety standards.

Slide gates are subject to more intense regulation sdue to their exposed moving parts, thus making gate safety a top priority.

If you have questions or need a brief introduction, please don't hesitate click on our "Contact" page.

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