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Our Process

Beginning with your initial communication, email, phone, we listen, ask questions and query you to define your needs.  We try to keep this as simple as possible, and take this opportunity to educate you on gate system equipment. There are codes and guidelines we are required to adhere to, UL325 standard safety and liability prevention, which come into play while designing the gate system.

Standard systems include the gate, we will figure that out as we have thousands of gate designs created in our CAD program, over 24 years of them. I think we have this covered, the gate actuators (things that physically move the gate leafs open and closed), access control (a means of opening and closing the gate remotely, via a keypad, or free entry), safety devices to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle in the gate path, a free exit device, and a means of entry for fire and rescue services.  That's the basics and how it all plays together depends on your needs.... is the gate for security, animal/children confinement?  We will discuss, clarify, and make a plan to move forward.


Did you visit the section on our Home page entitled "Upcoming... Happy Customers"?  Our schedule is set by the receipt of your signed proposal and 50% deposit.  Once we have that in hand we begin our administrative job of opening your client account, logging the installation, preparing our checklist to maintain you get all things we promise, set up the fabrication and installation schedule and paperwork, notify you of the installation schedule (set on a first received first scheduled basis).  That is the only fair way we have conjured to schedule installation.


During the interim waiting period you will have time to provide power and/or telephone line at the gate location.  This will be the only requirement of you during the waiting period between proposal and deposit receipt and our scheduled installation date.  

A typical system installation should take about 4 days.  We ask that you be present on the first scheduled morning to help Nathan site equipment location, then we will complete our work for the remainder of the days.  On the final day we ask that you meet with Nathan and crew to finalize the system.  He will demonstrate rebooting the gate system, manually releasing the gate operators in the event they won't open or close (your never trapped inside), use of the gate system, and providing you with a turn over package.  

Please see the website section "Client Portal" for specific instructions on how to Reboot your exact equipment and manually releasing the gate operators to open/close gate leafs manually.

The Mechanics

The following  is a diagram of the required devices to be installed as a part of all automatic gate systems. UL325 addresses gate safety and prevention of physical damage and injury.  Slide gates are the most regulated type of gate mechanism because of the exposed moving parts hence the attention to gate safety.  Please review the diagram and ask us should you have questions or need a quick primer! 

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